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Archive of 'Mobility Archives - The Art of Woodshop Design'

  • How to Get Production Results and Help Your Workshop Layout

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    How to Make a Mobile Panel Max Stand to Get Production Results from Your Woodshop Design. Not having enough clamps is kind of a woodworking running joke, but it’s annoyingly true way too often.

    Think about the last time you glued 5 boards together edge to edge. You may have used 4 or 5 parallel cabinet clamps, then some small mini-bar clamps or C-clamps to make sure the edges align and the boards dry flat.

    If you’re doing a batch of those, you’ll quickly run out of clamps, and that means waiting hours for the first batch to dry (which is why I like to have several projects running in parallel to occupy that time wisely).

  • Design the Bottlenecks Out of your Woodshop Workflow

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    Think of your daily workflow in your shop like a highway system—eliminate the bottlenecks and you’ll experience what workflow implies: continuous progress.

    You step into the shop with the intention of getting something pretty specific done. Ever wonder why it took three times as long as you thought? You guessed it, unexpended speedbumps.

    You can continue to encounter them, spend time dealing with them as you go, then move on. Of course, you’ll re-discover them the next day or next week.

    I find that most of these “bottlenecks” in my workflow are recurring, and can be designed out of my shop.

    Interruptions in your pre-planned sequences also mean interruptions in thought, which leads to frustrating mistakes.

  • Musical Machines

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    Go Mobile with All Your Tool Stations to Add Instant Flexibility to Your Shop.