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Archive of 'Garage Door Archives - The Art of Woodshop Design'

  • How to Make Your Own Workshop Garage Door Insulation

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    In Shop Comfort

    “But my garage door is already insulated! It came that way!” Well, not like this! My workshop garage door came pre-insulated with some fiberboard with a plastic coating behind the metal panels, like only ¾”. But, during the summer, the heat comes right through in the afternoon since it’s facing west. The fiberboard is just not enough to stop the heat from the metal panels. It does help slightly with noise.

    In previous articles about your shop’s comfort, I emphasized the use of radiant barriers to keep your shop cool. You see, when your walls, roof, and doors heat up during the day, they give that heat back to you in the form of radiation. Not nuclear exactly, but heat. If you go into your attic, and put your hand near the roof sheathing during the summer, you’ll feel the radiant heat without even touching it. This radiation heats up all the objects around it, and thus your whole woodshop. That’s why you start sweating when you step into your hot garage in the summer.