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About Bobby

Welcome! I’m Bobby, the person behind the content on this site. I’m a woodworker in Southern California who is lucky enough to own a 3-car garage woodshop attached to a house, complete with dust collection and an ideal workshop layout. I'm a Mechanical Engineer and woodworker. My interest in design and desire to make stuff the way I envision drives me to create whenever I get the chance. The amazing array of tools now available, both woodworking tools and computers and online resources is absolutely awesome. I'm constantly devouring all the information I can, sort out what's useful, and organize it all to support what I'm designing. I will share as much as I know and learn by writing blog articles, posting sample designs, projects, photos, diagrams, checklists, and tool reviews to give you valuable insight and guidance for your shop evolution. Here's to your ultimate woodshop!

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