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Archive of 'Convenience Archives - The Art of Woodshop Design'

  • 7 Strange Lessons & Tricks I Learned Installing a Shop Subpanel

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    In my previous article, Wiring Up Your Shop, I mentioned that I eventually wanted to put in a subpanel, but I didn’t feel like messing that deeply into electrical work.

    Well, now I kinda need to. I’ve got a bunch of 240V circuits that I need, and with my ideal shop layout, I just can’t have one breaker.

    Previously I had re-wired my Table Saw, Jointer, and Drum Sander with a longer power cord. I ran these along the dust collection flex hose up to the ceiling, and then to a common 240V outlet.

    Since I used these tools one at a time, all was fine. But my Drum Sander really belongs on the other side of the shop, so now I need at least two 240V outlets. I don’t want to put two 240V outlets on one circuit, but I don’t have any more room in my Main House Panel.

  • Garage Shop Convenience Outside!

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    Just like with building a house, there are things to do to the exterior of your garage shop to give you the day-to-day convenience you crave.

    You also don’t want to be surprised by all the things that will affect the exterior walls of your shop, like air conditioner refrigerant line penetrations, louvers, exterior light fixtures, and conduit to power outbuildings for lumber storage. All of those things need to be waterproofed, but the good news is you can draw those details when you plan your wall layers.

    If you include the things mentioned below in your overall woodshop design plan, it’ll be easy. Do your thinking now, and the whole process can be done assembly-line style