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Your Privacy is a priority to us.  The following outlines our practices related to the privacy of information you provide to this site, and how it may be used.  See also our Terms of Use and Copyright Notice.  We will never sell your information to a third party entity or individual, and we treat your information as we want ours treated.

Opt-in Emails

Any email you receive from us is the result of “opting-in”, where you provide your email address and/or other information to our site, and are sent a “confirmation email” where you click on a link to confirm your registration.  Your email address is never sold or given to others except to complete or deliver an order, and to facilitate the third-party email opt-in service.

Any email you receive from us has an option to unsubscribe, usually located at the bottom of the email.

Non-Identifying Information

Information that is non-identifying, such as site traffic patterns, what internet service provider, operating system, or type of browser you are using, etc., may be shared to improve the site or to provide you a customized user experience.

Identifying Information

Personally identifiable information is generally provided by you and collected when you opt-in our email registration process, subscribe to various services or programs, participate in forums, comment on a blog post, provide a guest blog post, order a product, contact us, or participate in a survey.  Upon giving identifying information, you are giving us permission to use that information as described in this Privacy Policy and elsewhere on this site.  The information you supply is used specifically for the purpose for which it is provided, to contact you regarding this purpose, to offer products and/or services, or to improve our site.  It may be given to affiliates to provide the services for which you opt-in, but we will not sell it to unrelated parties.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Like other sites, we may use third party advertising entities that display advertisements when you visit our site, which may collect information about your visit to this site and other sites to customize the ads to your perceived interests.

We also use cookies, which are files placed in your browser’s files to store your preferences.  These cookies may be linked to personally identifying information upon opt-in actions you take on this site.  To improve this site we use cookies to better understand how this site is most often used, to enable you to use the site’s shopping cart, to offer products and services, and to personalize your site visit.  They allow us to count you as a visitor to the site so you are recognized and can receive a site visit that is more relevant you.

You can, at your computer, choose to disable or partially disable our cookies or third party cookies in your settings (both browser and internet security programs), but this can limit your ability to interact with our site and other sites.

Web beacons are elements of code placed on a web page to collect data regarding how visitors use our site, count the number of visits to various pages, which pages were visited, to deliver a cookie to the browser of a visitor, etc.

Order Processing

Upon placing an order with this site, we collect personally identifying information, which will be used to fulfill your order, to contact you regarding your order as necessary, and may be used to update you on the product or service you ordered, and on other products or services which you may be interested in.  We will not sell this information.


Sometimes we offer surveys to obtain the opinions and preferences of our audience.  We will use the information provided by participants to improve the site, offer products and services, but is not sold to third parties.

Information Sharing

Sometimes we may provide services or offer products on this site in cooperation with a third party, and information is shared with them as necessary to provide those services and/or products to you.  We sometimes employ other individuals or entities to provide for certain functions for this site, and this may necessitate access to identifying information, but they are not allowed to use it for any other purpose.

In the event that our company is acquired, customer information will be one of the transferred assets.  However, it remains subject to the pre-existing privacy policy.

While efforts are made to secure identifying information, we cannot guarantee that collected information will never be disclosed or otherwise used by a third party in violation of this privacy policy.

Public Postings

Posting blog comments, forum comments, etc. is a great way to join the conversation on your passion.  Keep in mind, though, this is a public posting and personal information will be accessible by others.

Links to Other Sites

On this site we include links to other sites we think you’ll appreciate, but we cannot control their privacy policies, or their use of information.  When you click on a link, and another site opens in a separate window, our privacy policy no longer may apply.  You should read and understand the privacy policy of any site you visit via a link on this site.  We do not necessarily endorse everything on these linked sites; they are provided for your convenience and reference to help our community.  We do not pass along personal information when you link to another site.


We reserve the right to make changes to our Privacy Policy from time to time, for any reason, and are effective immediately after posting, unless otherwise indicated.  Any changes to this privacy policy that are published on this site are effective upon that posting without notice.  By continuing to use this site you agree and accept such changes.

Use by Minors

This site is not intended for unsupervised use by minors.  We are not responsible for any access or use of this site by minors.  Parents are responsible for controlling access to the internet by their children.  We encourage parents to go online with their children and supervise what they’re accessing at all times.

Our Commitment

We employ procedures that we believe provide adequate security to information we collect on this site to prevent unauthorized use or access.  We advise you to use a secure web browser, secure your own passwords and computer, and log off when finished using a shared computer.

We take information you provide and we collect very seriously, and look at privacy issues from a customer point of view in that we wouldn’t want our personally identifying information to be sold or otherwise provided to irresponsible individuals or entities.  Therefore we are careful to use your information in a responsible manner and for purposes as outlined in this privacy policy.

Contacting Us:

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