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Archive of 'Time Hacks Archives - The Art of Woodshop Design'

  • The 3-Step System for NEVER Running Out of Shop Supplies

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    Not too many things are more frustrating than running out of supplies in the middle of a project.

    Think about the interruption in workflow it causes. Having to stop what you’re doing and jump in the car to pick up supplies to continue building. Once you get out of the groove of being in the shop, there’s a good chance that with all of life’s distractions you won’t.

    What if you ran out of something and suddenly a magic owl swooped down and dropped you some more fasteners or foam brushes?

  • Time Focus for Woodworkers: How to Allocate Your Energy

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    I have time. You have time. 24 hours a day. We all do (if we’re alive). We all have the same 24 hours available. So why are some people happier and able to do more than others? Largely it’s due to how they’re using their available time, and when during their mental and physical energy cycles they’re doing specific types of things. Huh?

    Ok, it’s pretty simple really, but it’s all in how you think about it. Let me comb your mind in the right direction and you’ll make much better use of your day by matching what you do with what you’re better able to do at the moment…

  • Do This!

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    Your shop layout can be ruined and made pointless by something trivial.

    Your jointing a bunch of boards, and when you’re done you plan on switching seamlessly to the Table Saw, which is positioned perfectly for that very thing.

    But, you have a pile of shavings getting in the way of your jointer operation, so you look for a brush to sweep them off the jointer bed. Not a brush in sight. Dangit, it’s over there on the assembly table near the sander. So you walk over there, grab it, and go back to the jointer. Perfect workflow? Fail.

    This could happen when you go to the Table Saw and can’t find a push block. If you have to keep looking for little things all the time, there’s really no point in arranging your machines at all.

    What is the answer?

  • Wake Up, Brush Teeth, Shower, Drink Coffee, Design Session, Lunch

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    Design Time as a Routine

    How many ideas have you collected? How many magazine pages have you flagged? “I better bust out the notepad and sketch this so I don’t forget about it.” Are you using these ideas? Have you noticed that when you sit down to design a project your ideas just flow?

    This design time is something that you should make routine. This way you can focus all the ideas in your brain archives onto something specific.

    You know what works for you, so just do more of it! I like to go to a place where I know I can’t watch TV or have my attention subdivided such as a coffee shop…

  • Is the Last 5% Taking 95% of Your Time?

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    In Design Process

    A Time-Hack for Woodworkers.

    This question could be asked about a lot of things in life, but I’m asking this about your workshop design. If you’re suffering from paralysis in analysis, you may know the feeling. I’ve spent a lot of time developing my ideal woodshop on paper, doing tons of research, diligently taking notes while in my various shops, and I still feel like it’s not done or exactly the way I want it. Is there a way to just get started and actually implement it?